Island Talk

Seniors Advocate releases third annual Monitoring Seniors’ Services Report

Victoria – The Office of the Seniors Advocate (OSA) released its third annual Monitoring Seniors’ Services report today. The report looks at over 25 programs and services offered to seniors in B.C. and measures performance on a year over year basis. “This is now the third year my office has published this report and we […]

Woodwynn Farms the victim of a self-serving elitist decision by Central Saanich council.

Central Saanich has posted “no occupancy” notices on some of the buildings and recreational vehicles at Woodwynn Farms addiction treatment centre, a move that operator Richard Leblanc says could effectively put the site’s six residents on the street. He said the notices will not be complied with, and the outcome could be a legal battle with […]

The American Federal Communications Commission Make Radical Changes to Neutrality Rules.

The American Federal Communications Commission, (FCC), Chairman Ajit Pai has decided to trash the neutrality rules currently protecting consumers on the internet. His proposal will reverse the Title II classification of internet providers, which allows the agency to put strict limits on their behaviour, and replace it with the old “information service” classification, which a federal […]

VIU accused of failing to deal with fetishist’s infantilism.

Vancouver Island University has found itself embroiled in a human rights complaint over an adult male student who favoured diapers, the writings of Beatrix Potter and baby talk.  The human rights complaint was filed by Katrin Roth, VIU’s former director of human rights and workplace safety. In it, she alleges the Nanaimo university failed to […]