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January 2018
2018 a new year and new ideas

December 2017.
The Sacredness Of Giving & Receiving at Christmas

November 11th 2017.
We Will Remember Them.

October 2017.
End of Life Services.

September 2017
Words to ponder and live by.

August 2017.
Wild Fires, it’s time for us to act.

July 2017 
Your Bank May Be Cheating You.

June 2017
Exciting Gardening Ideas

May 2017
Important Information about Breast Cancer

April 2017
The Orcas need your help Now.

March 2017
Seniors 101 declares winter is over.

February 2017
Seniors 101, Island Woman magazine & Vancouver Island Now new combined newsletter

January 2017
Seniors 101′ says Thank You to you.

November 2016
Seniors 101’s wake-up message to politicians

September 2016
Seniors 101 Exciting New Helpline

August 2016
Make a better make future for yourself.

July 2016
Bad News For B.C.’s Seniors

June 2016.
Buy Cowichan Valley Farm Products On-Line

May 2016
New “Hobbies & Craft” section.

April 2016
Sharing Your Story.

March 2016
Changes aim to keep seniors independent for longer

February 2016
Seniors Advocates report – Monitoring Seniors Services.

February 2015
Seniors Advocate’s 2015 review

November 2014
Comment: How can we lower drug prescription costs?

September 2014
Erased from Public History 

July 2014
Celebrating “Island Woman”

April 2014
Humpback Recovery at Risk 

February 2014
Carole James: Standing Up for Seniors 

January 2014
Intervener Status for the Proposed Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion 

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December 2013
Merry Christmas 2013 

October 2013
Editorial – Save Island’s Small Farmers 

July 2013
Arts and Alzheimer’s – How do you do that?

June 2013
Anney’s Closet 

May 2013
Federal Pensions and Benefits

April 2013
Adrian Dix: Change for the Better: One Practical Step at a Time

March 2013
Jane Sterk, Green Party of BC: Voting for a More Diverse and Collaborative Legislature 

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November 2012
Arts & Alzheimer’s 

October 2012
Will Canada’s Pacific Coast Become the Tar Sands Shipping Port?

September 2012
Introducing “Island Woman”

July 2012
When Life Hands You Lemons: The New Science of Positive Thinking 

May 2012
The Elephant Sanctuary

March 2012
BC Ombudsman’s Report: The Best of Care

January 2012
Disability Tax Credit

December 2011
Christmas Card

November 2011
Christmas 2011 — Birth of a New Tradition

October 2011
Partnering to Launch SAFE

August 2011
An Evidence-Based Policy Prescription for An Aging Population

May 2011
I Treasure Video Productions

March 2011
Justify rate increases and smart meters, Coleman tells utility

February 2011
Billions in Government Benefits Unclaimed

January 2011
‘Faster, better, cheaper’: Canadian geneticist pioneers breast-cancer research ‘pipeline’

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